GET Involved:
Pitbulls for 22 is looking for a few good volunteers.
Our organization is not an awareness campaign. We are in the fight to take action. We strongly believe that community, love, and commitment to our country are the keys to stopping veteran suicides from rising even more. With that said, we are seeking volunteers who believe the same. Men, women, and businesses who want to mentor, help veterans get the dogs we all love, spread the word, or be an advocate. If you are looking for a challenge and feel you have what it takes apply at

Employers looking to hire veterans:
If you are a employer who has positions available or have the capability to teach resume building and interviewing skills, please reach out to us at

Veteran friendly fitness facility:
Are you the owner of your own fitness establishment? If you will contact us and request to be listed on our site as a veteran friendly support center, we will provide additional advertising for you on our outlets and help you promote your program, and why it’s important. To be considered a veteran friendly fitness facility, your establishment must have a program in place that works on creating a team environment for the veterans. The coach can be the owner, a manager, an employee, or member, as long as the coach is duly qualified to be successful in the assignment. We want to see real programs. Remember, this is to assist veterans in transitioning out of the military. Your program can be a key component in saving a life and giving a reason for veterans to feel at home again.

How to be designated as a veteran friendly fitness facility:
1. Submit a brief essay explaining why you and the coaches you selected are in the fight against veteran suicide or schedule a brief call to us at pitbullsfor22 explaining the same.
2. Special billing for veteran.
3. A mentor that is the veteran’s friend and coach to keep him or her motivated to stay in the fitness game.
4. The ability and knowledge to work around injuries and create a quality fitness program for the veteran.
5. Networking with other local gyms or martial arts centers to build an intertwined support system that allows the veterans to attend multiple classes and training sessions across disciplines, for example Brazilian jiu jitsu, or mma related martial arts, for free or discount pricing.

Advocate: civilian or veteran
You, the advocate, will be on the front lines in educating about pitbulls/bully breeds and veteran suicide.
Depending on your skill set and abilities, you may be asked to assist in foster placement,or helping a veteran get his or her dog. We want passion! You love pitbulls/bully breeds so much that nothing can stop you. We do need to have a call and essay from you. As a front line person, we need to be sure you are aware of the challenges faced by veterans and pitbulls/bully breeds. We need to be sure you are in the fight!

Advocates requirements:
Do you love the pitbull and bully breeds?
Do you have passion to place pitbulls with veterans?
Have you considered fostering, and want to know the details?
Do you have the skills to organize and run events?
Are you a veteran looking to serve your fellow veterans?
Lastly and most importantly, are you willing to join the fight against veteran suicide?

Join the fight !
Email us at